Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have nothing too significant to post today...other than a few tangents that I'll discuss now.

1) I hate flies. They are gross, their "buzz" annoys me and I don't think they belong in my house at all. When the summer heat starts sizzling on the blacktop, I know that anytime I open my door, a fly will somehow find it's way into my air conditioned haven. Our old dog Chai was amazing at catching flies--it was gross to witness, but at least the fly problem was taken care of. Our current dog Remi is scared of flies...thus a fly problem. Let me state that when I say "problem" I don't mean plague-like amount of flies, I just mean 1 or 2 (enough to drive me crazy.) I just got down killing one--I've become very good at it and can swat a fly dead in one swift movement. BUT just as I sat down to check my Facebook, play a little solitaire and think about working out, another fly made his presence known. This fly must not be to smart because he keeps smashing into my computer screen--maybe he'll die on his own...

2) I love sno-cones. There is a shaved ice stand 5 minutes from my house and my family frequents it almost weekly. Deacon always gets green and I am just now learning to branch out and try new flavors.

3) I quipped my dog's nail. I hate that. I really do. Remi and I have a track record of not liking each other, but I certainly don't dislike her that much to actually inflict pain on her. It was her back, right paw, middle claw. Poor thing didn't bite, yelp or try and run--she just lifted her paw in a way that I knew...I just knew I quipped it. Next thing I know I am holding her paw with a tiny pool of blood in the palm of my hand. I immediately plan out a way for me to get the quip stop...but wait--it's gone. I was at a loss. My dog was bleeding every where! I have never EVER quipped a dog that badly--I felt so terrible. Knowing that I had to stop the bleeding I raced to the cabinet pulled out baking soda and made a paste and pressed her paw in an old dish I had. This made a mess, but eventually stopped the bleeding. I have a feeling she'll never let me trim her nails again :(

4) Deacon spilled milk today...all over our couch, the floor and the rug. I couldn't get mad at him because, well, he immediately ran into the kitchen, told me he needed a paper towel and said, "I spilled da milk moooommmyy...but I'se a gonna cwean it up." Seriously?! too cute.

5) I thought I'd preface a later event before I went into the Christmas Tree Shoppe trauma. First I'd like to announce that I am a fan of the Christmas Tree Shoppe, even though it has nothing to do with Christmas Trees! It is like a Bed Bath and Beyond, but so cheap! I bought $9.00 sunscreens for $4.00!!! Anyway, Deacon was a bear in the store. So much so that the Toy Story 3 cup he was clinging too got taken away and we immediately went through the checkout to buy the things that I actually needed. Deacon screamed...blood curdling scream. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed, I thought, "what kind of mother am I that my son is reacting this way." The line seemed like it was taking an luck, eh? Until a kind woman said, "you go, I've been there, I understand--you go ahead of me..." with the conflicted parent face I just looked at her with gratitude and I sharply said thank you. Finally, a stranger who understood. Continuing his quest on making my ears bleed, the clerk ringing me out said, "You're doing great, Mom. I've been there, I know..." Two people who understand--this was uplifting! Thank you to those two nameless women--you helped my confidence more than you know!

5) Deacon swallowed Dial Hand soap. YUP. You read that right. Somewhere in between the quipping incident and the spilled milk Deacon had to go potty and then he wanted to brush his teeth. I walk in the bathroom and put toothpaste on his brush. Proceeded to walk into the kitchen to check on the dog, came back to the bathroom only to find handsoap EVERYWHERE, including his toothbrush. He then said, "I brush my teeth wif dis?" I asked if he ate the soap and he just stared...I knew. I asked him again and he only nodded (as if that would change my reaction.) Calmly, I gave him a glass of water and had him do the swish and spit as I called poison control. Julie, the woman who helped me got a big laugh and calmed me down saying that hand soap won't severely hurt him (whew). she said that the steps I took were perfect and that if he actually swallowed or tasted any that he would spit, cough or even vomit. I told her that I doubted he got enough to cause him to get sick, but didn't want to take any chances. She said, "oh no, you always call, its better that you call to double check than not call and have something horrible happen." For those who would like the poison control number is is 1-800-222-1222.

6) Prayer request. An acquaintance from college and her family are about to embark on a life changing event tomorrow. Her son, who is two, has end-stage renal disease and is in need of a kidney. His mother is a match and will be going into surgery tomorrow to save her son's life. Please Please, pray for the family, the doctors and pray for strength, courage and healing. To read more about his story check out

7) I am tired. zonked may be the appropriate word. But I am seriously ready to go to bed!

8) I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday! I am happy I am a day closer to the weekend, but totally stressing because of all the work I have to get done in order to enjoy the weekend. My boss actually used a phrase I saw to her all the time, "Don't worry, the work will be here need to enjoy the evening" True. It will be there, and I will get it done...

I think that's all I care to share for now...more posts as I think of what I can write that won't absolutely bore you to death...

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