Saturday, December 11, 2010

13 weeks....

Sunday will mark the 13 week mark of my pregnancy and the end of the first trimester--I can breathe a sigh of relief!


The dizziness is gone, the food aversions are pretty much over and I am in a comfortable state of feeling somewhat normal, other than the fact that I have a parasite feeding off me :)

Deacon is super excited for the arrival for "his" baby and I am in love with the way he already being an amazing big brother. He'll pat my belly and whisper "hi baby" or he'll bless my belly before bed--it melts my heart--God sure did know he was ready to be a big brother! He keeps telling me that he is going to have a baby sister...wish it worked that way! When Doug was taking my baby bump picture, Deacon ran up and insisted on his picture being taken with his baby....


I told him that we'd have to wait and find out--but he clearly didn't understand what "that" meant, so he is calling the baby Charlotte. I honestly think that if we have a boy like I suspect, Deacon is going to be heartbroken. Eventually he'll be excited to have a little bro running around causing trouble with him, but for now he is set on wanting a sister. I have my theory. Louis is his cousin (3 months younger than D) So they are practically brothers--they sure do fight like brothers so that part of his craving has been fulfilled! He saw his cousin Louis become a big brother to baby Darleen and I believe that he wants the same as what Louis has. He also sees how Louis cares for his baby sister and again, wants the same thing...

However, I am still set on the fact that we are having a boy--I just have a gut feeling (pardon the pun!) Also we already have a girl's name picked so that would just be to easy right! We'll have a no-named boy---and that is perfectly find with me. All I want at this point is a healthy baby!

Life will soon change--I will be a mother of two, Deacon will be a fantastic brother and we will somehow have to transition our life make it all work--we are certainly up for the challenge.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A very long time ago I was in the sixth grade. My twin, of course, is very much apart of this lets assume she is sitting right beside me in homeroom. We do the normal attendance, lunch count and girlie gossip before we are released into the wild halls of St. Agnes. It was a typical day. I believe it was English class, however, that changed my life on what would have been such an ordinary, boring school day. (Karla, if our first introduction wasn't in Mrs. Romendino's class, I apologize...but I am pretty sure I am correct!)

I was all ready. I studied my vocab words, I had my () gesture ready (Mrs. Romendino wanted was to make the () signal with our hands if she or anyone in the class used that weeks vocab work. Pretty genious on her part if I do say so myself), I actually read our assignment and did the homework--I was prepared. I shuffled my feet into the class, plopped down opened my books and waited for class roll call. Instead, in walked an awkward girl, tall with incredbily long, dark brown hair. He was shy, timid and if I had to guess, scared. Mrs. Romendino announced that there was a new student, Karla. Karla introduced herself and said she was from St. Joe's school. For that reason, I immediately didn't like her. St. Joe's and St. Agnes had a big rivelary in soccer--and since I was a soccer freak--I vowed not to like anyone from St. Joe's.

Fast forward to lunch--my group of friends quickly adopted her to our table and even though I was hesitant, I decided that I would be nice to her.

That got me in a heap of trouble becuase the next thing I know I was invited for an overnight at her house...the new girl. At a strange house, in a city I wasn't familiar with. I specifically remember telling my mom that I didn't want to go and she told me to, just to see how she is, and that I might be surprised at how much fun we'd have. So I went. That day is etched in my memory forever. We combed the aisles of Kroger picking out snacks and cookies and at the same time we both grabbed the Milano's--I knew we would be friends forever!

I won't get into the details of my first over night with Karla, but I'll say it was hysterical. From her mom screaming at her for watching a show with Ellen to dipping our delcious Milano cookies in coffee to eating the most amazing chocolate muffins for breakfast--that was the day I knew I had a friend for life.

Karla and I have been great friends--even with our ups and downs. There was a wierd moment in highschool where we didn't speak to eachother, but we weathered that storm too. College came quickly and it seems as I left for college, I left behind the frequent phone calls, hang outs and night outs. However, as true friendships always rekindle, Karla, Theresa and I are still as close as ever. Sure we don't talk all the time. Sure I don't call her like I should. We don't go out on the weekends but there is a certain bond, an understanding that we have for one another. When we do get together It is like only a day has past. No awkward moments, so silent lapses, and no shortage on laughter. I love Karla beyone words. She has grown out of timid, shy and awkward self into a strong, beautiful and infectious woman. I am blessed to have her as a friend--just as any person would likely say about her.

So why am I going on and on about this girl? Well, we had one of our girl nights in last night and it was wonderful. Since I am pregnant we didn't break out the wine or the beer, rather Karla broke out hot chocolate, marshmellows, fluff and chocolate syrup. The three of us huddled around the table, laughed, recalled silly memories and just soaked in the new memories being made. It was also a night that had a somber edge to it. It was the eve of her brother's death. Today is the 1 year anniversary that she lost her brother to a car accident. I couldn't help but thank God for putting me next to her last night--to lift her up in prayer, laughter and love to help her over a big hurdle and milestone in her life. It meant alot to me to be there for her. Instead of crying, she brought out a beautiful calendar that her family was featured in. You see, her brother was an organ donor, and because of that selfless gift, he was able to save many lives. Ever since her family has been speaking on Kyles behalf, urging people to become organ donors. Their picture was somber, yet hopeful and I once again saw Karla's beautiful, genuine smile. It was so good to see that.

Karla is a friend for life. She always is and always will be there for me and my "wombmate" and we the same for her. Karla--thanks for being you. Thanks for going to St. Agnes and thanks for being so persistent in wanting me to be your friend back in the 6th grade--I'll never forget you, ever.