Saturday, December 11, 2010

13 weeks....

Sunday will mark the 13 week mark of my pregnancy and the end of the first trimester--I can breathe a sigh of relief!


The dizziness is gone, the food aversions are pretty much over and I am in a comfortable state of feeling somewhat normal, other than the fact that I have a parasite feeding off me :)

Deacon is super excited for the arrival for "his" baby and I am in love with the way he already being an amazing big brother. He'll pat my belly and whisper "hi baby" or he'll bless my belly before bed--it melts my heart--God sure did know he was ready to be a big brother! He keeps telling me that he is going to have a baby sister...wish it worked that way! When Doug was taking my baby bump picture, Deacon ran up and insisted on his picture being taken with his baby....


I told him that we'd have to wait and find out--but he clearly didn't understand what "that" meant, so he is calling the baby Charlotte. I honestly think that if we have a boy like I suspect, Deacon is going to be heartbroken. Eventually he'll be excited to have a little bro running around causing trouble with him, but for now he is set on wanting a sister. I have my theory. Louis is his cousin (3 months younger than D) So they are practically brothers--they sure do fight like brothers so that part of his craving has been fulfilled! He saw his cousin Louis become a big brother to baby Darleen and I believe that he wants the same as what Louis has. He also sees how Louis cares for his baby sister and again, wants the same thing...

However, I am still set on the fact that we are having a boy--I just have a gut feeling (pardon the pun!) Also we already have a girl's name picked so that would just be to easy right! We'll have a no-named boy---and that is perfectly find with me. All I want at this point is a healthy baby!

Life will soon change--I will be a mother of two, Deacon will be a fantastic brother and we will somehow have to transition our life make it all work--we are certainly up for the challenge.

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