Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quick Saturday Post

Deacon and I typically meet my twin and her family at a local coffee shop every saturday morning. It gives us time to catch up and for the boys to play. This saturday was different. Theresa has a new baby, Tre is at work and the thought of darleen being subjected to thousands of hands was a little unsettling--so i decided to bring Reality Tuesday's to the Lucas Household.

Deacon saw his baby cousin for the first time and it was so incredibly sweet--he was so gentle and so kind and just said, "I love my baby darleen" I got to give her my lovins' too. holding a tiny little miracle is almost like pushing pause on the great big world remote. Life stood still and peace overcame me.

I handed little darleen back to my twin...pressed play on the world remote and am now deciding what to do for the day with Deacon. Do we go to the zoo, the pool, do I shop for vacation or do we just hang out at home?! Either way I know it will be a fantastic day.

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