Saturday, July 10, 2010

Love in Action

It's easy to say I love you. It's easy to hug a person tight and hope that they know you love them. It's really easy to express the love you have for friends/family/loved ones. The challenging part is loving strangers or enemies. Why? Society says we don't have to love them. Society says we can ignore them and pretend they don't exist in your life. But what if they do exist in your life, what if 20 years later a person who you completely ignored came waltzing back in--what you do?

I have a million rambling thoughts but a lot of them have to do with love. It's a universal term and there is a major spectrum on the different types of love--but I have come to the conclusion that everyone deserves to be loved. I thought to myself, "ok self, who have I loved today?" The depressing answer is not many. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of people--but I fail to show my love in action--the simple day to day happenings that makes love a verb.

It's like this--I can talk about running--how I want to run a full marathon or do an iron man or run for 9 days straight, but if all I do is talk about it, it's nothing. Same with love--I can talk about love--how I love my husband, my son, my parents/in-laws, relatives, close friends or even talk about how I give each person respect--but if I don't put it in action, it's nothing.

It's not easy to admit that your love sucks. Often times I suck at loving others because I hardly love myself at times. I suck at loving others because I can be selfish--and that my friends will keep you far far away from showing love as a word.

How do I turn Love from an arbitrary symbol to something that others can define? It's something I'll die trying to discover--and the only way I'll be the best at loving is to practice practice practice.

I need to be love. I am worthy of giving love just as I am worthy to receive it.

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