Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Palmetto Bugs and Stomach Bugs and Vomit OH MY!

Not actually a picture perfect title you all were probably expecting to read as I detail you with our vacation adventures.

Now don't get me wrong, we are having a fabulous time--the beach is beautiful, our condo is nice and Deacon is like a fish. The beer is cold and and food is good---BUT to say that we have run into a few snags is an understatement!

Let me first start with the Palmetto Bugs. Apparently, if you give cockroaches that name in the south, they just don't sound as terrifying. However, it is still the same damn bug that we have in Kentucky--and I still get freaked out when I see one. Palmetto Bugs are quite common in the southern states and the natives, I feel, have learned to deal with them. My family was expecting to run into 1 or 2 while in our condo (which by the way, the cleaning company failed to properly clean the place...that's a completely different post) But I am pretty sure we have killed 7 and have seen 7-10 dead ones. It doesn't help that the front door has a gaping hole the size of california--it is like a welcome mat for our nice little critters. These nice little bugs aren't so little either--as my Brother-in-law stated--'little' would be appropriate if you were comparing them to a Volkswagon Jetta. As you can tell, we were a little freaked out by the little guys finding their ways into our childrens' room and randomly finding them on the ceiling above my bed! We called the owner of the home and he promptly called the exterminator--lets just hope that makes a difference! After he left, we killed two more that night, one of the exterminators commented on that amount of wolf spiders located centrally on the fireplace. Apparently we had enough to cause some sort of alarm, even though they never told us to be concerned.

Next, my son has a NASTY stomach bug. At first we thought it was because of all the traveling we've done, but last night when he threw up all over me, we decided it was time to accept the fact that he was sick!

Poor buddy was lethargic, unattentive and just looked sick. I know you know what I am talking about--we've all been there--where you've really felt like death. Currently, it is 7:30pm and I believe Deacon is making headway over the battle of gasteroenteritis--hoping tomorrow he feels much better and I am hoping that none of us catch it!

With Deacon being sick I am going to totally skip over the fact that we've had to totally up root the living arrangements, quarentine our family, do loads of laundry, sleep, sleep, sleep, and miss out on some of the most beautiful beaches!

Even with all that had been going on, I have not forgotten to bask in the beauty of this world and the total blessing it has been to actually go on a family vacation.

Here is what we HAVE enjoyed thus far:

Watching Deacon take to the water like a fish--he has a love for the ocean!

I tanned (not really 'tan' to most people's expectations, but I am a shade darker than transparent--huge success)

Running on the beach with my sister--magic

Watching star fish pop out of the sand--what a cool thing to witness

Eating pizza with my husband while quarentined with our son

snuggling with Deacon

hanging out in harbor town and listening to Greg Russell sing and make fun of the yuppies

going to the top of the H-Town light house

Enjoying mint chocolate chip ice cream from scoops.

having a Blue Moon Margarita

Watching Deacon bop his head to the music while eating a nice dinner at the Quarter deck.

Finally mustering the courage to wear a bikini

Watching Deacon and Tegan (She is one year older) fight, love, hug, hit, use words and whine

Drinking beer with my hubby/sister/Brother-in-law after the kiddos go to bed

Hunting the Palmetto Bugs and putting words to what we think they would be saying.

speaking as if we were true southerners

wave jumping and actually swimming in the water--this is a huge feat!

Whether this vacation wasn't what Doug and I expected--we certainly are having a great time and maybe having us stuck in a small room with our sick son was a blessing from God (minus the vomit in my hair) because we were soley focused on our family rahter than material goods/money/what we were going to do that day, etc etc.

Once I edit our pictures and when I get back from vacation, I'll be sure post some of our awesome adventures!

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