Saturday, May 29, 2010

A very long week

I never understood that term..."it was a long week." or "It was a short week." I mean a week is a week right? 7 days is exactly the same no matter if it felt long or is there any sense to try and blame our week for the way we feel?

It is easier to blame other things that my own thoughts and feelings, so heck yes I'm blaming the week on my mood--it truly was a LONG week. It was a week where I never felt like anything on my list of "important" tasks were even close to being tackled because I was so busy putting out little, trivial fires.

After a long day of photographing a wedding, I am actually ready to sit down and start my weekend. I am ready play with my son and be with my family. I am ready to lather up our sunscreen and hopefully head to the pool, watch a parade and grill out...oh yes--my favorite part of summer!

So for now, I am going to relax, enjoy the long weekend and savor the smiles, the laughs and the cute animals my son can magically morph into at the drop of a hat....

Have a wonderful Memorial day everyone!

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