Monday, May 10, 2010

boo boo kisser

Today I was in the kitchen cleaning and Deacon was zooming through out the house with his three favorite trucks.

Apparently one of the trucks took a nasty spill and Deacon was comforting the truck saying, "it's ok baby's ok." I started to giggle knowing that my son was making conversation with a truck but then continued to eavesdrop. The truck apparently was complaining of a bad boo-boo, so Deacon being the good friend he is said, "it's ok truck, Mommy kiss your boo-boo and you be better ok?!" So in runs Deacon with his damaged piece of metal and said, "here mommy, here, here. Kiss my truck and say he be ok." So I kissed the imaginary boo-boo and and sent them on their way. I was still in the kitchen and Deacon was back in the living room conversing with his best friend, Tonka. Deacon after saying uh huh 5 times said, "Yay, I know, I know I love my mommy too."

My heart melted.

I always have an internal battle with myself as I try to decide what my favorite milestone is with Deacon. I have come to the conclusion, however that I love every single minute of Deacon's life. I especially love this age--he has such an inquisitive mind and a determination to figure things out himself. He is also a caring and loving soul and I swear he gives the best hugs. ever. period.

Why do I love being a mom? The above states it clearly, I kiss boo-boos. How simple of a job is that?! I am loved because I take care of my son and love him unconditionally. I am a mom because I am needed, and in return I have been given such a beautiful gift to be able to see Deacon grow into such a wonderful kid--he is the best part of my life!

Deacon brings so much life into this home--I hope he knows how much he means to me, how much I work to keep him happy, healthy and safe...but until he discovers that, I'll continue to get much joy and satisfaction with being a boo-boo kisser.

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