Friday, May 7, 2010

My first post...

I am super excited to be giving this "blogging" venture a go. I have lost the time to write, and in the years that have escaped my hand, I realize I have lost touch with my whimsical self who could pen a world so bright that I would get lost in the maze of ink. I have missed being able to write and not worry about what is being said, how it's said or why it's said, so this is my platform to write what I am feeling.
When did I lose my pen? When did I lose the passion to write? Unfortunately, life happened. My career happened. My family happened. All the while, I should have been writing about my wonderful adventures with my family, my beautiful son--but now it's up to my memory to recount the past three years of the whirlwind of my life.
So today, I start fresh. Today, I begin to challenge my hand to pull out my thoughts from the nooks and crannies of my brain--to write and to imagine once more.
I'll start with who I am.
I am Anne Wolking. I am married to Doug Wolking, the most wonderful person in the entire planet. I look at him and see Heaven. I have no doubt that Doug is my soul mate and that we were meant to be together. I'll not sugar coat our marriage as it has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn't want to share the ride with anyone else.One of the greatest ups of our lives was when we added a little member to our family. Deacon is our crazy 2-almost-3-year old. There is no word to describe Deacon. Any word I begin to use, seems like a major understatement. I have never loved anyone the way I love Deacon. My mom would say that when I was a little girl and I always rolled my eyes questioning what that meant. Then I gave birth. The doctor placed my 7 pound-6-ounce miracle in my arms and WOW--there it was...I understood what my mother had said--It is the most intense love I have ever felt for another human takes my breath away thinking about it.
Even as we begin potty-training, as well as getting into the nitty gritty of parenting, I still love every second of it. I sneak up to his room each night and just stare. I just look into his eyes and can't believe that I am so lucky to have him in my life:

Tip toe
tip toe
tip, tip, tip toe
Heaven is in this room
Deep breath in
Chest rise and fall
Heaven is in this room
Chestnut hair
big, innocent brown eyes
long eyelashes
Heaven is in this room
Tiny hands and ten little piggies
a belly b, so round, cute and funny
Heaven is in this room
Deep breath in
Chest rise and fall
Heaven is in this room
Rest my sweet heaven-sent son
You are the light of my life
You are heaven in this room

Deacon is wonderful--he is love.

I know the beginning of the post made it seem that I would be writing more, but my yawns our interrupting my ability think. I will be back soon to journal more of my crazy life.

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