Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Assembly Line

I miss the days of make believe and dirty knees. I miss the days of playing at Miller's pond and finding the perfect swinging vine in the deep wooded area in my childhood home. I miss the back yard plays, trying to fly and swinging past the sky at trolley park. I find it to be so funny that when we are young we want to badly to be a grown up and when we finally reach that pivotal point in our life, we just want to be a kid again. Call it one of life's unfair irony's but I do wonder why I wanted to grow up so quickly. I still feel young, heck I am young, but there are just so many responsibilities to manage as an adult that one begins to feel that their life is a mere assembly line.

6:00 wake up
6:02 Dog out and fed
6:05 shower
6:25 makeup
6:35 brush teeth
6:40 pick out an outfit for work
6:50 sneak in Deacons room and give one last kiss
6:55 kiss Doug on forehead and say "I love you"
6:58 walk downstairs, change out laundry
7:05 leave for work
7:20 arrive at work
7:30 work work work work
4:30 leave work
4:45 arrive at daycare and head for home
5:15 let out dog, feed again
5:18 check mail
5:20 have Deacon sit on potty
5:25 get changed
5:30 start dinner
5:45 check facebook and email
6:00 straighten up house
6:30 eat dinner
7:00 clean up and play time with deacon
8:00 bathtime
8:30 read 2 books, say prayers, rock and say "night night, sleep tight, I love you...MORE"
9:00 come downstairs and watch tv
11:00 go to bed


What a boring life! My life is a giant schedule--and when you break it down like that, it makes it even more depressing. Oh to be a kid again.

One great remedy is having a child. I forget all the day-to-day with the funny sayings, the Eskimo kisses and the bear hugs. Marriage also breaks up the monotony. One glance at Doug and my day disappears and I see calm, serenity and peace. I may not always be the most loving to my husband, but I certainly know that my life is complete because of him.

I love the moments in life that break up my assembly line. kissing boo-boos, watching a film while tucked in the crook of my husband's arm, making spaghetti (random I know), running, playing soccer, singing, praying. All those things keep me centered and grounded and I am thankful that my life isn't as monotonous and I perceive it to be.

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