Monday, May 17, 2010

Deacon's Photo Book

So, one would think that a photographer would just automatically know what to do with her photos after she is finished photographing them, right? One would also assume that pictures of a photographers child would be all over the home....wrong. I am sure I am unlike most photographers, but I honestly feel I don't have enough of Deacon, or my family hanging in my home.
It goes back to my anxiety--I just get so confused over what to buy and where to hang my photos that I just freeze and don't do it at all. It also has to do with the fact that Doug and I are minimalists---the less "stuff" we have in our tiny cape cod the better. One day when we are loaded (yeah, right) I'll hang lots of pretty decorations and TONS of pictures.
The other thing that really bothers me is that my son, my sweet, precious almost-3-year-old does not have a baby book, or any album for that matter. I'll take the mom-of-the-year award for that one. It is amazing how much little time I have in between work, soccer and photography that what little time I have I want to be with my family instead of plastered to a scrapbook cutting, pasting, organizing. I also don't want to be stuck at my computer editing and picking out what ones should be in an electronic book. BUT I have decided that it is time. I have been following kelle hampton and you should check her out at She is an amazing photographer and amazing mother--I want to be her someday. Anyway, she creates photo books every year for her I decided it is time I do the same thing. Deacon's book will be the first three years of life and the plan is to have one book for each year there after...hope I can keep up with it. I wanted to have book 1 done by his birthday...but considering I am only on month 5, I doubt this will happen. My new goal is to have the book printed by the end of June. Here is a sneak peek of what I've done so far:
I am using a program called picnik...and it is working quite well. It is free service or you can buy the premium for $25.00 a year--not shabby!

Any way, I am off to play "pleee-doooo" with Deacon!

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