Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An ice cream cone kind of day

I was a little concerned about Tuesday. In my experience, anytime I enter a Tuesday from a long weekend, it feels eerily similar to Monday. I feel terrible for Monday's--the common saying in many work places is the following, "Hey Jane, how are you?" to which Jane replies, "'s a Monday."

Poor Mondays! Anyway, I went into work thinking that Tuesday was going to feel a bit of Monday's pain. I myself was running late to work and then when I got there I realized the amount of work I left at my desk for this coming week--ugh. So, I took a deep breath and worked 1 by 1--and by the end of the day, I actually felt accomplished! Tuesday, the new Monday, wasn't so bad after all.

After work, I raced down to Deacon's school and took a walk with a dear friend, len-len, as Deacons pronoucnes it. After the short, yet oh-so-sweaty-walk with Lauren, Deacon and I had dinner around his tiny white table. Imagine two adults trying to cram there legs under a tiny kids table--hysterical. I can't make him eat dinner at the big table, when he is so proud of HIS table--he even wants his plate and utensils, so he can "set it" himself! Adorable! The best part of the evening, however, was our fun trip to Aunt "Seesaw's" house to play with Louis. Little did those two know that Theresa and I were going to take them for ice cream!

We hopped in the stroller (well they hopped, T and I walked!) and walked down to Dairy Crest. Here is the awesome thing about dairy crest, they sell baby cones for 35 cents each--what a bargain. It is the perfect size for me so I don't feel like I over indulged and it is PERFECT for the kids because they are able to keep up with the size/melt ratio with translates into less mess for me later on! Once we got to the ice cream hut both boys wanted swirl cones while Theresa and I couldn't resist the vanilla dipped in chocolate. That by far is my favorite--the perfect ice cream wrapped in a shell of heaven--yum! But my heaven was interrupted when Deacon decided what he passed up to get a boring swirl cone...and he pointed at my cone and said, "i want that, mommy." He then tilted his head downward just enough, lifted his beautiful eyes up and with is long eyelashes he was practically begging that I traded my cone with his. Let me tell you something--I would NEVER do that for anyone. Once I get my heart desired on something, I am hard pressed just to give it up. I think I won the "who loves who more" game!

After that we ran home watched a little bit of TV and waited for Daddy to come home. As soon as he came home, I was chopped liver! Deacon proceeded to tell me that I should go play soccer and Daddy will put him to bed. When I told him I didn't have soccer, he said, "uhm, you go running." I said, "no, honey, I don't need to go running." He then said, "you go to shoppe cop and get toffee, otay?!" This kid was really not liking the idea of me being upstairs...slightly heart breaking, but also welcomed because it was nice to have a little "me-time".

Doug came down stairs and told me that our little king wanted me to do "bum-bums." Bum-bums are what we did when he was an infant, and contiue to do so to this day. It is just patting his bottom--it worked wonders when he was a babe, and apparently now that steady rythym is comforting for him still. I walk upstairs, and lay down next to him and say prayers while doing bum-bums. Deacon then requested some I did. First up was a new one called Night Mantra by Renee and Jeremy They are amazing. Then I sang the Deacon standard, God speed and Little Man. Before I knew it, my son fell asleep. I cried. Why did I cry? I kind of felt like an idiot that I was crying over something so simple.

But I soon realized that it isn't simple. It was a gift. God gave me the gift of music for a reason. Why, I don't know. I won't ever be famous for my singing. Last night was a reminder as to why he gave me that voice. I have a voice so I can sing my son to sleep. My voice can soothe his day away and calm his nerves, his fear and provide him comfort with his last waking moments before he slips into a peaceful sleep. My voice is something that I can share with my son, for him to enjoy--and that makes my heart happy!

Tuesday was perfect--Even if it did feel like a Monday.

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