Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling a little "Groggy"

My friend Noah is a superstar!  Why do you ask?  Well, he bought be coffee and dropped it off at my work for me.  Noah, Lauren (his lady friend) and I try to make it to Mass, but unfortunately my sleep deprived self has not been doing a decent job at this, so I have been skipping.

Today, the three of us were supposed to meet up for Mass and coffee, once again-I slept through my alarm and 6:30 past me by without even a warning!  I called them and was very much bummed and even joked that they should drop off my favorite coffee to me--but they didn't take it as a joke, more like a challenge!

Noah and his ninja skills successfully made the perfect cup of Highlander Grogg with 3 packets of splenda and enough half and half to create a beautiful carmel colored coffee.

Noah, thank you for being awesome and thanks for making a day a little brighter today!

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