Friday, March 21, 2014

30 in 30: Coworkers

This is the thirteenth article in my 30 in 30 challenge, where I write 30 things I'm thankful for in the 30 days leading up to my thirtieth birthday.

I think I might actually let the pictures do most of the talking for this post!

I began my "big girl job" straight out of college. I always joke that they felt bad for me because I was a broke kid, who just graduated, got married and quickly became pregnant, so they hired me out of sympathy.

Okay, so that might now have been entirely true, but it sure does generate a few laughs.

I am so thankful for my co-workers and for the many laughs we've shared. They make going to work worth it. Let's face it, working in a public utility can be pretty crappy (wastewater pun totally intended) so it's nice to be surrounded by people who can plunge into work with you. Again, pun intended ;)

Since I began working there at the tender age of 22, It is safe to say that I have basically grown up there. For every amazing thing I accomplished at work, there is a stupid thing I've done too--it's all apart of growing into your career, I guess! It was there I learned that I loved training, and organizational communication. I also honed in on my love of internal communication and have really found my niche.

But besides the work, my co-workers have really helped me grow into the career person I am today. I work with a group in insanely talented women, and we all play off our strengths incredibly well. I seek guidance on project management from the ones who have spreadsheet brains, while the others know that if they need a good brain stormer, all they have to do is call me into a meeting and I start spitting out ideas at a rapid fire pace. We also face our challenges or disagreements on how things should be handled. We also have differences in a opinion. I suppose this is found in every workplace. The difference with the group I work with is that we know that discomfort is necessary in order to improve and become better.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have received while working at SD1 and continue to cherish the career I am building namely because of the people who are helping me build it. It's hard to even call them coworkers since they become more like family with each passing day.

This is totally normal, right?! Halloween 2013

We celebrate weddings together
Our friend was gifted a horse, so it's only natural to celebrate with cake!

Happy hour is best when served with cold beer and great co-workers!

Who spends their Saturday night with their colleagues?! This girl does!

Just another night on the town!
Work hard, play hard!

Only your cherished co-workers will take your pictures as your pregnant self pretends to dive into a creek.

HR challenged each department to decorate for the holidays. I'll give you one guess who won.
(For the record: this was done on our breaks!!!)

We are so awesome, we are even artwork! Photo credit: Becky Haltermon

They show you how wastewater can be photogenic :)

They photobomb

They volunteer together

They dress alike on accident!

They always remind you how important you are

They choose not to be sad about having to say goodbye.
They craft together for their holiday party

This might be the most important thing I'm thankful for: coworkers teach you that
heating pads will save your life in a FREEZING office

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