Friday, September 24, 2010

He called me carrots!

What's a girl to do when trying to save money for a hypothetical second child but really wants to change her image?! Can I buy clothes. No. Two reasons: it's expensive (well, I choose for it to be!) and also--if I do get pregnant, I won't be wearing those clothes very long!

Can I get a hair cut? No. A $35.00 haircut just isn't practical, especially when deciding if that is more important than groceries. Do you know what I can buy for $35.00?! A LOT of freaking groceries.

Can I buy new accessories for the house. No. Doug and I pride ourselves on our minimalist ways. We are cheap or overly-frugal, we just don't want a lot of "stuff". Plus, that stuff is expensive. $20.00 for a throw pillow?! Get real.

I was out of options for adding spice to my image, and was dehydrating from all the BLAH! that I was feeling. A girl goes through this crisis every once in a while--moms especially. We are tired of wearing stained clothing from the food, milk, boogers and other unmentionables that go hand in hand with parenting. We are tired of looking like a "hot mess" with baggy shirts, frayed hair and jeans that might be a tad too tight. We get tired of looking in the mirror and saying, "for real, this is as good as it gets?!"

Doug sensed that I was in my rutt again. He can always tell when I start fishing for compliments on an incredibly way-to-frequent basis. He even offered to give me the money he was secretly saving up for Christmas (not a secret anymore) so I could have some retail therapy. As sweet as that was, I knew I couldn't possibly do that, so I reluctantly declined--but man that wad of cash would have been awesome to spend at Banana Republic and the LOFT!

So I was stuck. I felt yucky and couldn't much do anything about it. Ladies, I know you understand the predicament I was in. It's never good--not only does it affect us, but our family too! If I was preforming positive self talk, then how am I able to positively talk with my husband, remain patient with my child and hold back the urge to throw Remi out the window for once again chewing on the woodwork on our stairs.

PLEASE NOTE--I wouldn't actually throw Remi out the window!

SO I was at the grocery store spending the $35.00 shoulda-been-my-haircut-money on a cart full of groceries. I'll set the stage. flip flops with chipped toenail polish, baggy pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt. Folks--it was a site and I'm pretty sure if I was in Walmart someone would have snapped a picture of me and I would have been the covergirl for "". It was that bad.

As I'm driving my cart down the aisles, I feel myself going down the beauty aisle--almost like my body took control and said, "mind, get over yourself, it's time for a makeover." SO I bought new shampoo/conditioner and hair color.

what better way to change up your look than with a box of hair dye! You want to know what I chose?! Typically when the mop gets dipped in color I go for a rich brown or an auburn. But apparently I was channeling my inner "Anne Shirley" and went red. Not a "is she a red head?" but a "Holy carrots, red!"

Okay, okay, I wouldn't say it is carrot color, but it is definitely red. And I LOVE it. Red heads have a heck of a lot more fun! It's amazing what a box of color did for my self esteem--seriously! I came home from my twin's house (she does my coloring) and just pranced around like I just won the lottery. Doug immediately saw how happy I was. My sarcasm and wit and zest was back. I AM BACK! so with this new found love of red hair and confidence, I went into my closet and began to look for pieces of clothing I could reinvent into a different outfit. Who needs new clothes when it's all right there in the closest---you just need to be creative.

It was the spirit booster I needed. I LOVE being a red head!

As for the other efforts of saving money--not exactly getting a good grade. the past week, I've not packed my lunch. Monday I start again! I'm sure I'll be reporting on that later in the week. Until then, have a wonderful weekend. Do something fun, change up your look and be fearless!

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