Thursday, August 19, 2010

Found Treasure

I mentioned a week or so ago about the sheer happiness I get when I find money in my pocket. Today, I didn't find money. Rather, I found something much more valuable. I was photographing one of the members of executive team for our company website and as I was downloading the pictures, I stumbled across some pictures of my little guy that I had completely forgotten that I had taken them! He is getting really good saying "cheese" everytime I get the camera out! I'd thought I'd share some utter cuteness with you:

no day is complete without a signature monster roar from Deacon:

When I see this picture I can't help but tear up. When did he get so big?
sadly enough, most of the time I have been so busy with "life" that it is just passing me by without any warning. It isn't until I "capture" the wild life that I actually "see" what is whirling around me. This picture is just that. I look at that precious face and feel so blessed Deacon picked me to be his mother--that for the past 3 years I have been responsible for this life, this one wild, beautiful life. It also is sobering too, because for a quick minute I felt like I didn't recognize him--that's how big and grown up he looks to me. I paused and thought, surely this isn't my son, what happened to the infant? My kid is a pre-schooler, what?! One look at this picture serves a perfect reminder that I need to stop what I am doing every once in a while and pay attention. Cleaning can wait, work can wait, little trivial things that I make a high priority can wait. Tonight I think I'll spend the evening building trains and piecing puzzles together with my little man.

OH and get a load of these precious little eyes:
are you kidding me?! Most girls I know ENVY for those long lashes. Myself included.

the final picture I would like to show you is my puppy:
Her name is Remi, and she thinks she is a cat. I have a love-hate relationship with that dog. she is the reason we can't keep nice furniture in the house. She is the reason I feel the need to clean EVERY DAY. She is the reason why I don't get a good night sleep (oh yes, she sleeps in my bed--dog owners---DO NOT allow that to happen in your home!) As much as I say "I can't stand that dog" I do love her so very much. Sure she chews on anything and everything and yes she still stinks after I give her a bath, but I can't help but love her. she really is a good girl, I just won't admit it to my husband!

This weekend is going to be filled with nothing spectacular--just the way I like it! I will be attending my sister's-in-law open house at her spankin' new photography studio on Saturday from 10-2pm and then Deacon and I might just find our way to the zoo. Sunday will be set aside for church and possibly a bike ride, or a nap, or a picnic lunch with the family...we shall see but it will be nice to live a weekend not following an itinerary. Maybe I'll find even more "treasure" hidden in the corners of my life--just what I need after a long week!

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