Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home with a sick kiddo

My oldest decided to get a freak fever before bed last night so that pretty much dictated how our day would be. After juggling schedules, my hubby and I were able to work out a plan for who would watch the little guy.

I was able to get the afternoon shift and am currently watching him lounge on the couch, sucking on saltine crackers and drinking gaterade.

Having a child under the weather is never fun, and I certainly don't get enjoyment out of it, but what I do enjoy is that I have the opportunity to take care of him...

Some of the best childhood memories I have of my mom is when I was home from school. crackers, cola, and best of all--I got to snuggle up in my parent's bed. My mom would check on me, caress my hair, rub my back and totally placed my needs above all else. Even though I felt like completely poo, I always felt safe and comfortable knowing that my mom was there to take care of me.

I just hope I am that for Deacon. I hope he'll look back years from now and remember these times--even though being sick stinks--but it is a special time that I love having with him--to show him how much I truly love him.

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